BTMATS - (2016)

Optical prints from color negatives, 18 x 12

The photo series, Between the Mountains and the Sea (BTMATS), is aimed at obfuscating the lines between privacy and surveillance while documenting the dying breed of the unaccompanied motorist utilizing the fading medium of film photography.
The polycentric land use patterns in Los Angeles might not equate to a major metropolitan city were it not for the extensive network of freeways connecting the sprawling geographical landscape. As people go to and from work - or wherever else they might be braving rush hour traffic to get to - they do so along with millions of others every day. In contrast, for the unaccompanied motorist, this may be the only time (or at least the largest period) spent in solitude. The irony of this dichotomy in a time of exponential hyper-connectivity is the basis of exploration for this series that strives to bring out the subtleties of our human nature in ways that are inherently relatable.
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LA • SH • NY