Views (2017) 

multi-channel virtual video installation w/ audio, 1 min 28 sec

Views was produced while at Momo Studio Residency in Wuxi, China. In the same vein as, Is This Meme Art , Views uses video that is considered by the artist to be “digital garbage”. The artist used live-streaming apps such as Inke as well as video stories from wechat, instagram, and snapchat feeds. The sound for the video was created by sampling over-compressed audio from viral videos and video memes. Finally, the artist takes these videos and renders them in a virtual space to emulate the neural response of dopamine feedback loops while being engaged with social media.

Get Your Views; Is this Meme Art? (2019)

digital prints on fabric and multi-channel video installation w/ audio, 1 min 28 sec

In 2019, the Rotterdam International Film Festival held an exhibition and film screening of works inspired by internet memes. The full program was entitled, Rabbit Hole. The exhibition part of the program, Meme Café, was held in Het Niuewe Institut and featured Views and Is This Meme Art? reinterpreted into one single installation piece specifically for the festival. The documentation video of this installation can be found in the second video down.

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